It’s hard to accept, but you can’t change the past. You can’t go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life would be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that’s a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days – but as long as you let the past go, you’ll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it.


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Mary Oliver, “In Blackwater Woods”


Mary Oliver, “In Blackwater Woods”


I’ve got a lot to say, I’ve got a lot bottled up.


Really hate routine.
That’s all my life is anymore and its driving me mad.
We only ever do the same fucking things. I come home from work, sit in bed while he plays video games and eventually fall asleep. Its always the same and its boring. I hate it.
Really need to do something with my life.


Love, Come Save Me
by: Right Away, Great Captain


You were looking east with the heaviest heart, that I can ever recall seeing
Time is not the answer you want, but time is what you’re going to get


Feeling as if I’m 70 years old.


from Matthea Harvey, “Self-Portrait With Blue-Black Gloves, 1948”


                           But I see what you see.
You woke to sunrise alone and found me
asleep in front of my own stripe of orange,
a grim look in the eyes on the canvas that frightened you.
How to explain why I crawled away like a cricket
to sing my song in a corner, knowing you
would not find it beautiful.